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Rain, rain, go away!

How can I go outside and water the garden if it’s raining? And even if I did, there wouldn’t be many neighbours walking by, so what’s the point?

Since our block party, I ‘ve noticed more neighbours and know them by name. How nice!

I’ve especially enjoyed meeting the kids in the ‘hood.

Drop by any time I’m out watering or sitting on the bench in front of the co-op. Sit and chat for a while. Let’s get to know each other better, and plan now for carfree day 2010!


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Meeting the Neighbours @ the Block Party

Hello to all who attended the Block Party yesterday. It was great to meet some neighbours I hadn’t met before and learn more about those of you who I’ve met on the street or at the Cornerstone Cafe.
YARD SALE: I don’t think anyone made a fortune but some people said they did well. In any event, a lot of stuff that might otherwise have gone into the landfill, was recirculated and many people were grateful for the free stuff. One nice story, the baby carrier was picked up by someone who is involved with supporting a refugee family who just had a newborn baby.
WITH MUSIC: Thanks to Dennis for serenading us with oldies but goodies during the yard sale.
LANTERNS: Well, I got lazy and didn’t get out to buy more paint brushes, but the kids (and adults) happily shared the one paint brush and then resorted to pouring glue on the plastic sheets to put the glue on the tissue paper. That worked so well, I think it’s a keeper for future lantern making times. If you want help assembling your lantern with a pole etc., just let me know and I can assist.
FOOD: What an amazing selection of food. Several people in particular commented that they’d never seen such an array of amazing salads. Thanks to Todd & Randy for firing up the barbecues.
TABLES AND CHAIRS: Liam provided all the chairs and two tables and lots of people helped schlepp things around so we could “meet in the middle.” Thanks, all.
KIDS FUN: I loved that the kids were playing all over the street, with hockey sticks, and plastic wheel barrows and chalk and balloons
THANKS TO ALL who supported the kids in their face-painting; lemonade stand, balloon animal/sword making and Randy has a good start on a neighbourhood rocket club.

I heard that $40 was collected as a donation to Children’s Hospital. Yay!

Someone commented that there were as many kids as adults.
MARY’S SPECIAL MOMENT: My special moment was meeting the neighbours on the corner of Stephens & 5th who have a compost bin that is empty. I sent them home with a bucket full of red wrigglers to get it going and return was offered all the sand I want from their front yard.


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See you on the street!

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Yard Sale Info – contact me if you want details or share ideas

If you want to contact Ingrid or Vanessa who are coordinating the yard sale, please send me a note and I’ll put you in touch with them.
Probably the FREE table will be at the Trafalgar end of West Fifth – and probably there’ll be a kids lemonade stand. Some people are setting up right away at 10 and others will not have sales happening until 11 am.

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Weather Forecast – GREAT!

From: Environment Canada

Sunday, June 14
Cloudy. Low 14. High 21.

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Lanterns from balloons and tissue

Here are instructions for the lanterns we’ll make. If you want to get a head start, go for it:

Here’s a link that shows these lanterns being made.
You need white glue, water, a balloon, wire, a safety pin, a stick, tin foil and a tea light.
They’re the easiest ones of the ones often used at festivals like Illuminares.

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Red Wriggler Worms for adoption

Hi, our compost bin has lots of red wriggler worms – they’re good for indoor or balcony worm bins – and in Vancouver can live outside in your compost bin too. They won’t live in the garden itself – they like organic matter.

Want some? I have lots up for adoption – just send me a note to or post a comment here.

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YARD SALE – What have you got?

We’ll all put stuff out along 5th Avenue – post here if you want to say what you have.

FREE TABLE – at the Trafalgar end of 5th Avenue, there’ll be a free table – and at 1:30 all the other items will go there as well.

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