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Solar Lights

Well Vanessa and Ispent Halloween night researching solar lights. Here’s our recommendation. Says it’ll stay light for 10 hours. Maybe we could try one package. Link to home depot.



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Allergy free Halloween treats

Too late for this year, but perhaps another time, or if you have or cook for people who have allergies, perhaps there’s other recipes at this site.

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More Parties – a poll.

What do you think about more parties in the coop and/or neighbourhood? I’ve made a  poll – or  just post a comment at the bottom – or, if you want, just give me a call. A December party is incubating.

You can vote for as many items as you want and see the results of the votes. Actually you can vote early and vote often – for all members of your family even if you’re on the same computer. The results won’t show who voted for what however. If a poll seems to be a good thing, I might get more serious about the poll and separate categories for preferred day/ activities and food preferences.


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Winter “gardening”

Gardening in quotation marks as not much is happening. I stopped in at my favorite garden/plant/flower shop this morning to look at potential plants for my south-facing window today. (Bill installed three big hooks for new additions to the household). While there, he gifted my friend and I with a tiger lily each with instructions to plant in the garden and it’ll come back next year.

Great quality control and customer service. I recommend Hanaya.

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Pumpkins and Barbecue

We barbecued hot dogs in the rain and had a dozen knives and more children in the common room. All with no injury larger (and unrelated) than a finger shut in a door by a 5-year old.

Decorations and music and wine arrived, as did chips and costumes.

We played skip with a rope of black witches before finishing off the decorations.

I love seeing the older kids pay attention to the younger ones – 3 little boys under 6.

And I’m looking forward to the toasted pumpkin seeds – it was rather, well, Hallowe’en-ish to sink my fingers into pumpkin goop to try to separate the pumpkin from the seeds.

I noticed this morning my red wriggler worms were very appreciative of the pumpkin treat in their bin. One of their favorite foods along with squash and papaya – they like orange foods.

I have a scooped out pumpkin ready for a face. My creative inspiration wasn’t flowing well with so much going on, so now I have a day or so to think about what face needs to go on it.

Thanks to all who pitched in and all who attended and made it fun. Especially the camp-song singers and skipping rope jumpers.

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Solar lights – 12 x

worth trying?
Westinghouse Solar 12X High-Output LED Flair Lights, 2-Pk
Product #52-4877-6

  • Energy-free™ high-output solar stake lights are twelve times brighter than traditional solar landscape lights
  • Six patented high-output warm white LEDs per light
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Cola brown finish
  • Requires one 600 mAh lithium battery per light (included)
  • Package includes 2 lights

Canadian Tire Warranty:

If a product is defective, the manufacturer’s warranty applies. If none is specified, this product carries a 1-year Canadian Tire warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store.


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Bag Monster

I saw the Bag Monster at the parade October 24.

check out

or see this video of the Bag Monster in San Francisco.

If I had 150 bags and some time, I’d make myself a costume.bag monster info

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