I have the diyas and mustard oil and wicks

So now I’m looking for basic instructions. Basic instructions are hard to find, actually.

Here’s the best I could do:

SOAK the diyas in water for an hour before pouring oil and let dry for about 30 minutes. This way, the baked clay absorbs water and not oil and the diyas burn longer. Whether you use mustard oil or ghee, make sure that the oil has travelled to the tip of the wick before lighting. Go on, spread the light!

But.. how much oil; how much wick? How does the oil travel? just by osmosis – I recall something about celery from Grade 8 science with Mr. Gutteridge.

update: I found this nice site with painted deyas – next year. Meanwhile, the experiment worked even with plain dull clay – and the mustard oil has a lovely, uh, mustardy-smell.

Click here to see what can do:



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