Trafalgar – Battle, Square, Sculpture

OK, so here’s a little quiz: Trafalgar, as in the Battle of, is a


Battle of Trafalgar by Turner

a. cape

b. island

c. country

off the coast of

a. Scotland

b. Spain

c. France

d. Russia

(answers are Cape off Spain)… who knew? not moi.

The Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square has been full of controversy, conflict and edgy art.

Most recently:

Antony Gormley created a space for 2400 people to be a statue over 100 days. Quite interesting:

Antony Gormley One & Other

6 July – 14 October 2009

'Plinther' Jason Clark, photo by James O Jenkins

‘There was something very poignant about the sight of a single human on a space designed for a massive statue. Gormley championed the little guy against the intimidating grandeur of the square’s institutions …’ (Alex Needham, The Guardian)

Does the Trafifthneed a 4th plinth? Or perhaps in view of this blog’s title and our cross street, we could install a 5th Plinth. whether or not we have 4 others… I’m sure there could be an arts grant for this.


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