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Gifts for Gardeners

I can give you some plants – and worms! I love sharing my red wriggler worms, just contact me and we can find a mutually convenient time to find some in the compost bin. They have relatives all over town!

Sedums – the “ordinary” kind – tall in summer; die down in winter; are just starting up again.

Variegated vinca major – like periwinkle but bigger and variegated. Shade-tolerant. (and some ordinary periwinkle, as well).

Snow in summer

Creeping jenny

Grape hyacinth bulbs – might be too small for this year, but plant and let them come up next year. – They’ll multiply over time.

Probably still have some daylilies and irises that I’ve been trying to decrease.

Yarrow – ordinary kind. plain white flowers.

Ivy – some variegated ; some large green- English ivy – watch out! invasive species.


hydrangea plant – big blue blossoms – ours multiplied

lilac bush – about 18″ tall now – taken from suckers around the roots of our lilac tree.

and of course–

mint; lemon balm; oregano; marjoram…


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Poll: Veggie Interplanting

Vote for your top 3

Add comments below for other suggestions.

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Where to plant the potatoes?

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Potatoes – partial shade and grow up

Thinking about where to plant potatoes – and what kinds.

There’s the old tire trick for starters, or from Lee Valley, a fancier version with wood and metal corners:

Here are commercially available special potato planters:

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I love this idea from Kate – put trellises over all the entrances along Trafalgar and Fifth to enclose – in a light and airy way – the coop gardens and integrate the two buildings. I’m sure there are lots of others, but here’s a Lee Valley link.,33286&ap=1

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Edibles in the Garden

I found this great thread at the UBC Botanical Gardens site:

Scarlet runner beans come out big (attract hummingbirds), but there are lots of other suggestions, too, including plant cilantro in spring and late summer, but not in small pots.

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Shade Tolerant Veggies

We’re plotting (!) to plant veggies around the co-op. I was sent this link

Mints, chives, garlic, and parsley are all shade tolerant herbs that can grow on 2-3 hours of direct sunlight a day

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