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Block Party 2010 – Fiesta on Fifth


BLOCK PARTY to celebrate spring/summer, Father’s Day and a year of community.

Where? 2600 block West 5th Ave. and 2000 Block Trafalgar

When? Sunday, June 20, 2010

ALL IDEAS ARE WELCOME for this celebration! If there is some creative, fun community activity that you would like to see happen, let us know and lead the way!

ALL WELCOME: residents on west 5th and adjoining blocks, our Kits neighbours and friends, past residents and community members at large!

DANCE: Paola Murillo from Latincouver will give salsa lessons and  have a small table set up for information about the events she organizes…

SCROLL DOWN FOR PLANNED EVENTS – As people take on leadership for something – or plan to “just do it” – I’ll add here so you can join in.

10:00 am – the earliest we can start – so the barriers will go up on West Fifth and any set-up can begin

11:00 am – 1:00pm – DIY Garage sale – Just bring stuff up and set it up along West Fifth. (VM)

1:00 pm for music/ dance/ art/ games. – Barriers will go up on Trafalgar

street basketball game on Trafalgar (SC)

MORE GAMES: In the past we’ve had races, pogo sticks, sidewalk drawing, and unicycles. Would anyone like to volunteer to organize this component? These games would be ones that appeal to the whole family. 3-legged races, beanbag tossing, horseshoes?!?.

1:00-3:00 pm PLANT AND SEED EXCHANGE: Village Vancouver Kitsilano has volunteered to organize this for us! A table will be set up outside of 2605 West Fifth – bring stuff to give away, take whatever you’re willing to adopt. (MB)

4:00pm– Bring out some tables around 4pm for an early sit-down taco dinner.(CS+DV)

Bring your own chairs, dishes and anything you have for sharing.

PINATA: In keeping with the ranchero music and salsa lessons, we can have a piñata celebration (SC)

POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS… Can you help with some of this  – or your own ideas?

Two years ago we had a neighbour volunteer his services to tune up everyone’s bikes. This was a big hit and he was busy for hours!
Looking for another person to take this on!. If you know anyone, please let me know!

Story telling anyone?!? It would be great to have stories told about the history/lore of the ‘hood!

MUSIC: All invited to share their talents.

ART: In the past we’ve had a community graffiti artist work with everyone (adults and kids) to paint an amazing work on a giant canvass. Do we have anyone who would like to organize an art activity of some sort? It could be sculpture of some sort, environmental art (ivy weaving anyone?)


Want to host your own block party – this year or next? Contact John at:

City of Vancouver – permit form and rules Excerpts below:

The Block Party is supposed to be something for all your neighbours to enjoy. To ensure they do, the following restrictions apply:
• block parties must take place between the hours of 10:00am and 9:00pm
• generally, block parties should be planned for Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory Holidays
• alcohol is not permitted on public property
• no fireworks permitted
• access must be maintained for emergency vehicles
• all structures, tables etc. on the street must be easily removable
• loud amplification of music is prohibited
• cleaning up is the responsibility of the organizers

Coordinator of events -KC

Getting permission forms and signatures -MB


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