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FREE Plants

I’m tidying up and thinning out for the winter…

I can give you some plants. FREE!

Sedums – the “ordinary” kind – tall in summer; die down in winter; are just starting up again. Some tall and some creeping.

Variegated vinca major – like periwinkle but bigger and variegated. Shade-tolerant. (and some ordinary periwinkle, as well).

Snow in summer

Creeping jenny

Grape hyacinth bulbs – might be too small for this year, but plant and let them come up next year. – They’ll multiply over time.

Probably still have some daylilies and irises that I’ve been trying to decrease.

chocolate mint;

lemon balm;

oregano; marjoram

They’re out front – send me a note to if you want some and don’t see them there.


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