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Veggie Planting

I’ve put romaine bedding plants on the boulevard with radish seeds and a few swiss chard seeds at the back.

6 other greens bedding plants in the corner garden with rouge d’hiver lettuce seeds sprinkled around.

Potatoes are going in the big terra cotta pot – Red Pontiac.

Building up the plot to the West side of the building and plan to plant there. Hoping that by raising the level of earth it will improve soil, heat and light.

Arugala in the North garden. And lots of things under the mini greenhouse – including lots of swiss chard.

For the traffic circle garden at 6th and Trafalgar, I’ve reluctantly come to realize a spiral herb garden won’t work because of the manhole covers and the bush planted in the centre. So for this year at least, I’m letting that go and will do concentric circles, including the man hole covers in the design. Watch for a ring of chives. Come fall I’ll try some garlic.



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