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New Year

It’s a new year in our neighbourhood.

Sunny and Gary have sold the Cornerstone; Ash sold Wired Monk in the fall. Our ultra-local cafe’s are different but I’ll see you around there anyways I hope.

Right now there’s a “rainfall warning” in Vancouver and it makes me look forward to those bright sunny days we often get in February. Let the sun shine in!

I can’t believe the number of comments I’ve had about the community herb garden at the Traffic Circle at 6th & Trafalgar (trasixth!).  A neighbour recently told me she sometimes saw people just hanging out there.

Expect more herbs in the coming months – and if you’re going by and have some water to share, the chives in particular would really appreciate it.  I can’t really water on a regular basis, so hoping drought-resistant plants will do fine and some of you might adopt a plant or two and watch it for signs of thirst. (there are some good things about a rainfall warning, however, unfortunately the plants can’t store up the rainfall for the hot days of August :>))

A friend from is starting a monthly plastics recycling “party” – bring your styrofoam, hard plastics, plastic bags etc and for a toonie or so know that Pacific Mobile Depots will recycle this.  I’m hosting the January one – on the 3rd Thursday, so contact me if you want to participate and need more information.

See you round the ‘hood!


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