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Bee stuff

Once you start looking, bee stuff is everywhere. Had the grandkids with me – we bought a bee puppet at a toy store near The Park en route to the Lorax.

We had breakfast at the Naam and the kid at the next table was wearing bee boots – so we invited her and her nanny to the Bee Parade.

We have four yellow umbee-rallas that we decorated with bees and flowers.

And coming home from the Lorax we got the Bee-Line #99 bus.


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Sedum – March 2012

Sedum – come and get it if you have a hot place for them

This one’s been spreading and does *very* well: I HAVE LOTS FOR GIVING AWAY – at home as well as the circle garden at 6th & Trafalgar! I’m making the traffic circle just herbs and bee-friendly plants so wanting to lessen the sedum dramatically – possibly eradicate.  There’s some low growing ground cover that I think is sedum too – It can go – loves sun and drought – dies back in winter but comes again.

Sedum telephium  'Autumn Joy'

Sedum telephium ‘Autumn Joy’ is probably the most well known of all the larger type Sedum as it’s been promoted extensively by natural garden designers. The pale celadon green foliage, combined with salmon pink flowers that look like broccoli heads is a great contrast.

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Giving away plants

One of my pleasures as a gardener is giving plants away – They just spread and people are so grateful. Through I meet the nicest people, who are just so darned enthusiastic about getting red wriggler worms for their compost; strawberry plants that have shooted runners all over the place and an occasional hydrangea bush started from cuttings (sorry, folks, that one’s taken).

Today, I may have as many as 12 people coming for various plants, plastic pails and a few CDs I decided I was ready to let go of.

Time for spring cleaning – inside and out!

Some of my lambs ears have gone as far as Laskedi island (a mom and daughter walked by one day to tell me that.) My bet is that some don’t survive with the newbie gardeners who come by, but hopefully that just saved them some cost and helped them learn more about what plants need (um. that would be water and sun, that’s all.)

I still have some lavender and carex ice dance ornamental grass. So let me know if you’d like some.

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Bees Please

I got a Neighbourhood Small Grant, thanks to Kits Neighbourhood House and Vancouver Foundation to have a bee celebration – a walk from my traffic circle at 6th & Trafalgar (the free herbs one) to 6th & Yew where there’s a Bee Castle built by Chloe Bennett and her friends. At the NSG celebration, I learned there’s a bee gate and hive that was supported by these wonderful grants at Maple and 5th – I haven’t seen it but I’ve met the family who did it.  So the parade will be a longer route than originally planned.

We’ll install signs, plant, admire and look for bees along the route of course.

If you want to Bee part of this, contact me and I’ll give you details.

In the meantime, Bee Friendly. Ooooo I love B’s.

I’m thinking that Kits should have a Bee-Line – a series of bee hives and mason bee houses throughout our whole ‘hood. Want to conspire on this too?

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