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Eradicating Ecocide

For Earth Day a group gave out 600-plus origami cranes with information about the Eradicating Eco-cide campaign. Click below to get the pattern and print your own.  The crane got its final design by Adam Cristobal.


April 21, 2012: A 5th Avenue neighbour had me folding origami cranes with an important message on them. Her goal was 1000 for Earth Day. They fell short of that goal, I think by a couple of hundred, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s now a lot more knowledgeable about why she wanted us all to fold and hand out cranes.

Here’s a great video with Polly Higgins who wrote the book Eradicating Eco-cide.


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Car Free Days – Block party on 5th?

Interested in helping organize a block party on 5th and inviting our Kitsilano neighbours to participate?

I’ve been meeting some of our near neighbours along 5th from Burrard to Macdonald and am thinking we could set aside one block and invite everyone to contribute.

in the past we’ve had music, street hockey, and of course food and beveorages.

You can apply to block off the street any time, but doing it with Car Free days means  the barriers get delivered free of charge – and other assistance in processing the forms etc.

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Bees Please Parade II

We had such fun I wanted to do it again!

You’re invited May 6 for another Walk Along the Bee-Line for Jane’s WalkImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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I’m part of the Kitsilano Transition Village which is part of Village Vancouver which is part of the international Transition Town movement. Let’s get even closer to home.

One of the focuses is learning about your own neighbourhood and connecting with neighbours so driving is less necessary.

So I have a lot of new connections with nearby neighbours, and it was already a pretty friendly neighbourhood.

So I propose a Micro Neighbourhood of Fifth Avenue between Arbutus and Macdonald. You in?

OK if you’re a block or so off that route, just bring chocolate to the first meeting and you’re in, too.

Ross thinks of it as “close enough to borrow a wheelbarrow.”

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Water and Eco-Art

I was watching some videos from water and environmental artist Basia Irland who I met when she was in Vancouver for a Downstream conference coordinated by Emily Carr faculty and poet Rita Wong.

So I wondered what I’d find if I searched in Youtube for Water Rita Wong and I got a short video of water falling and an add from the “other” Rita Wong who sells real estate.

Still and all, the video’s kind of lovely – like having one of those fireplace DVDs for winter for those of us without real fireplaces.

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