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Nodding onion to share

Nodding onion – great photos and lots of facts.

Says: Yes! they’re beautiful and yummy, too. Great combo.

And I happen to know they are hardy and spread easily.

Want a bulb or two for planting? Just let me know.

Do bees like nodding onions? probably since they like chives – but the colours are more subtle.

If you catch a bee on a nodding onion, I’d love to have a photo.


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Trafalgar Block Party 2012


Come Celebrate Our Community

Get to Know Your Neighbours Better

Contribute to Our Community


BLOCK PARTY: to celebrate Car-Free Day and  the start of summer! (Solstice is coming)

When? Saturday June 16

2pm for bee walk from 5th & Trafalgar to 6th & Cypress – starting with an introduction to the community herb garden at 6th & Trafalgar now with oojas, thanks to Josh!

4pm-6pm chalk painting on street / bee lanterns / games.

6-8pm Potluck dinner and (we hope) music

ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE WELCOME for this celebration! If there is some creative, fun community activity that you would like to see happen, let us know and lead the way!

Story telling anyone?!? It would be great to have stories told about the history/lore of the ‘hood!

ALL WELCOME: residents on Trafalgar, West 5th and 6th and adjoining blocks. Bring your friends and neighbours.

MUSIC: All invited to share their talents.

GAMES: In previous neighbourhood block parties, we’ve had sidewalk drawing and street hockey. Mary will provide chalk!

BEE LANTERNS: Mary will set up a bee lantern making table (see possibilities at

ART: More art ideas? Environmental art (morning-glory weaving anyone?)

PLANT AND SEED EXCHANGE: Do you have some plants that have spread? Extra seeds? Bring them along – or come empty handed and adopt a plant looking for a good home. There’ll be lots of chocolate mint and lemon balm – and we’ll see what else.

BIKE TUNING: Hoping to find someone to help with bike tune-ups.

SKILLS EXCHANGE: We’ll have a board for you to post what skills you’d offer to community members – and what skills you need. Feel free to bring business cards, brochures, samples of your various personal, work, volunteer involvements.

Please let us know if you’d like to join us.If you can put out some chairs, tables; play music, or offer games or art-making, please send me a note and I’ll add you here.

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At my bee walk yesterday I found out the name of the rose in the centre of the garden. (left by a previous gardener.)

The rose is a Rugosa.

I am told: YES it is very bee and butterfly friendly.

pink flowers and a great scent.

Thanks, Beth & Bina.

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Bee Walk

The bee walk was great. People were *so* interested in bees – and I actually knew more than most people there. Together we pooled our knowledge and wound up knowing a fair bit.

Great to see Chloe sitting in her roundabout.

Join my facebook group to connect people in Kits who care about bees.

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