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Kitsilano Bee Line Walk

Bee Walks

I never really intended to become a capital B capital A – Bee Ally – or a Bee Walk leader. But…

Bee Walk #5 is coming up Saturday, July 21

Meet at Higher Grounds Urban Market Cafe at 1 PM.

This one is part of the Earth Walks organized by False Creek Watershed Society and Village Vancouver.

Points of interest include: the Community Herb Garden at 6th & Trafalgar to 6th & Yew where there is a “Bee Castle” to 6th & Maple/Cypress where there are bee hives.

We may stop in at City Farmer, or see if Bee in Bloom has some honey out. Lots of spontaneous public art along 5th   Avenue.


Bees are tireless pollinators. Their work is essential to food production which nourishes countless species. Modern man’s emphasis on industrialization has severely impacted the workings of this amazing creature. Find out how important bees are and how they inspire the people of Kitsilano in their gardens, their art and their life.

Mary Bennett is an Artist, an Educator and the Administrator for the Community Arts Council in Vancouver. She has organized community art projects and events for many years and is an avid gardener.

Mary’s Bee Walks:

Walk #1: April – We made signs, listened to the fabulous GoGoBonkers and then did the route.

Walk #2: I led a Jane’s Walk following the route from 5th & Trafalgar -met on the corner at 2pm Sunday May 6 – along to 6th and Cypress.

Walk #3 – June 16 for Kitsilano Car Free Days meet at 5th & Trafalgar at 2pm and go from there. – Pouring rain, but Diana came and we had a wonderful time. Stopped into City Farmer. (Thanks, Cheryl)

Walk #4 – We did a tiny walk just checking out the herbs in my garden, admiring the mason bee houses – alas, no mason bees this year.

Interested in bees in Kitsilano and want to connect with other bee-enthusiasts? Join the facebook group.

Walk #1 – Bees Please Parade on April 15, 2012.

We started by making signs, sharing some snacks and hearing GoGo Bonkers play some of their great songs.  Charlotte told her bee joke.

GoGo Bonkers, a kids band who sing about environmental issues, will play for us (and with us).

We walked to 6th & Trafalgar circle garden– install signs and houses. GoGo Bonkers sang along the way; Julie Rieter encouraged people to apply for Neighbourhood Small Grants; Sonja Embree, of Community Arts Council talked about their 3 priorities.

And then we walked to 6th & Yew and check out Bees Please I – and the bees.  Chloe Bennett and Christine Cooper told us the story – and Chloe found someone interested in helping with it. Charlotte told her bee joke again.

If you can’t come on the walk and want to watch the video by City Farmer about Chloe Bennett’s Habit-Art – Bee house. Click here.

Next, we walked along 6th to Cypress Community Garden. At 6th between Maple and Cypress – we got to admire the bee gate (a cedar gate with honeycomb pattern) and blue bee hive (Another thank you to KNSG)

As a special treat, Charlotte might tell you the answer to the riddle, “What did the bee say to the flower?”

We returned to Trafifth to have rhubarb pie and tea.

THANK YOU TO KITSILANO NEIGHBOURHOOD HOUSE AND VANCOUVER FOUNDATION FOR A NEIGHBOURHOOD SMALL GRANT – which provides funds for musicians honorarium, bee plants and signs and some refreshments.

Thanks to the Green Streets program of the City of Vancouver for the opportunity to garden in Traffic Circles.


The Community Arts Council of Vancouver is creating a video on how art in public places (in this case, bee art) creates community.


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Large Lemon Balm

Two large pots of lemon balm – take them. Please. put some in your water jug. Make tea. Snip up and add to a salad.


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Watering the Garden

Several people in the ‘hood have offered to help garden the circle.

What would be very helpful is if you gave it water now and again. Most important are the smaller plants that are just getting established. Next most important: chives! Most of the others do just fine in close to drought.

If you have time to do some serious watering, fill up all the ollas – the terra cotta pots that are buried, so the water will slowly seep into the earth.

That’s it.

Do please snip a few herbs while you’re there – for adding to your next meal or tea – or just to enjoy the scent.

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On the rim… at 6th and Trafalgar Circle Garden

Jlust went up to the traffic circle garden. Here’s what’s there for you:

Two large pots of lemon balm – snip some in your salad; make tea or just pinch and sniff!

Also a couple of very small pots of lemon balm, chocolate mint and oregano. Just pinch a leaf off and you’ll be able to tell which is which.

Creeping style sedum – ornamental – drought resistant

Lambs’ ears – lovely – often put with herbs, but not edible. Kids love ’em. Nice to touch

It was a great neighbourly day today – half a dozen people came by, thanked me, introduced themselves.

Green Streets program is amazing.

Oh, and there were LOTS of bees – PLANT PURPLE FLOWERS and the bees will come!)

Take whatever’s in a pot if it’s within 18″ of the rim. (i.e. leave the big square one near the centre.)

If you have extra plant pots and can leave some on the manhole covers or return the ones you take that would help me in this endeavour to share the herbs, but not essential.

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Lemon Balm

posted the opportunity for free lemon balm (and various other spreading herbs) on – and once again my freecycle friends come through.

yes, it spreads – but it’s lovely in tea or salads – and if you don’t have any at all, you might appreciate its desire to grow abundantly.

There’s also some marjoram, oregano and chocolate mint for sharing. Contact me if you’d like some.

And if the rain ever stops I’ll dig some up and put on the sewage cover (is that the pc name for “manhole cover” these days?)

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Mini Bee Walk Thursday July 5

I’m getting famous for bee walks.  A friend said i was the “queen bee” of kitsilano, but I prefer Bee Ally.

Meet me and two neighbours for a mini bee walk out front of 5th & Trafalgar this coming Thursday July 5 at 5:30pm – this will be just half an hour up to my community herb garden and then the Bee Castle at 6th & yew.


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