Is corn an herb?

Answer: no, corn is not a herb.

Then why are there 4 corn plants flourishing in the traffic circle garden at 6th & Trafalgar.

Well someone (not me) planted them there.

There are several reasons why this doesn’t work:

1. height restriction is 24″ – the corn bypassed that very quickly

2. the garden is very dry and I live a block away – I carry two watering cans to the garden and feel like sisyphus – unless the corn planter is also watering, the corn is taking water that I meant for the herbs

3. after the corn was planted, I put my contact info on the garden – the inside of the traffic signs. So if in future someone has an idea, they can contact me. But really, there’s a sign from the city saying it’s maintained by a volunteer so obviously it’s not a free-for-all.

4. if corn was an herb, I’d welcome it – but I’d still like to be consulted.

5. the herbs are for sharing. I don’t expect the corn will work for sharing.

6. when people stop by to talk with me they notice the herbs and I tell them they’re for sharing – to help themselves. More and more people tell me, yes, they already do and appreciate it. Then they ask about the corn. I don’t want to talk about corn.

I couldn’t figure out what to do – as I didn’t have contact, so I wrote little notes and tied them to the corn stalks saying: please remove; height restriction 24″; this is an herb garden, etc.

They’re still there 10 days later, so a friend is coming to dig them up and give them a good home.

Sorry, corn-planter, whoever you are.


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