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Block Party + Rain???!!!

Hello all Tra-fifth Folk! Jane, Sean and I are going ahead with the “block party” but it will be inside – send me a note to or call 604-617-0142 for more info.

Hope to see you. I’m making a gigantic veggie chili – so there’ll be lots to eat!


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Bird Art

We’re going to make a bird for International Bird Art Installation Day – maybe lots of birds.

It seems a crow might be the most obvious for our ‘hood. What do you think?

We’ll use morning glory, ivy, and any other twigs and branches – bring some along on Sat. Sept 22.

Some other items that might be useful include: chicken wire, wire snips, recycled plastic, feathers (esp crow feathers!)

Maybe we’ll do some origami bird (crane) making too. Janet, what do you think?

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Fall Block Party

My friends Jane and Sean and I are cooking up a block party in the ‘hood.

Stay tuned for details.

We’re looking at Sat. Sept 22 from 4-8pm – near Trafifth – to be confirmed as we need to get 50% signatures of residents to block off the street.

4pm on – Creating a Bird out of ivy and morning glory etc. to hang for International Bird Art Installation Day – October 7

Skills sharing – bring cards, brochures, posters or just handwrite a note – we’d like to get to know who’s in the ‘hood and if you have a skill to share for free, barter or $$, let us know. Jane’s a baker; I’m an artist.. what about you?

Art show – bring a visual art piece to share your art with others. or items for sale if you wish.


Do you have patio; plastic furniture you can bring out?

Food for potluck – dinner starts @ 5:30pm

Music – are you (or have you ever been or wanna be) a musician? We’d love to have live music.

Contact any of us:

Mary 604-617-0142 (meet me at

Jane Williams РJane and I are both involved with

Sean Kirkham lives on 5th between Trafalgar and Larch.

It will be open to people within a block or two of Trafalgar & 5th – and their friends.

RSVP appreciated – with what you can contribute.

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