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Little Free Library Comes to Trafifth


Ooo. so happy that we now have three little free libraries (and I believe a 4th coming) within walking distance of Trafifth (corner of Trafalgar and Fifth) – but now… right on my corner. Visible from my apartment window!


I’m very curious about who donated (and how they got) the Unitarian of London Cook Book.
I couldn’t resist the Norton Anthology of Poetry and a Barbara Kingsolver book of short stories, Small Wonders. But I did manage to leave more than I took.


I’m sure there are many more Course of Miracles books languishing on book shelves in Kits. If you want one, come and get it.

Just a month ago, another Little Free Library opened outside of Arbutus Coffee Shop on Arbutus at 6th. It’s made from a ladder with wooden boxes and sliding plexiglass doors. And a big plastic “tarp” over it. As I write this, there’s a Vancouver deluge happening out there. May all Little Free Libraries be safe and dry.


Here’s the Kits Book Hub facebook page.

With MLA David Eby’s Community Office opening in early October, they have a Sharing Station, just inside the office including a book sharing area. The office is in what used to be Ten Thousand Villages, and the window display area is perfect.  The address is 2909 West Broadway, just West of Macdonald. You can read about David Eby’s vision for the office here.

Meanwhile, back in Trafalgar land, the folks at 2nd and Macdonald have installed the long-awaited bench and a Little Free Library is still planned.
If you hear of a rumour of a Fifth one in our ‘hood do let me know!


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Happy Hallowe’en – Upcycled Decorations

HappyHalloweenBannerThanks to Jane and Cynthia for cutting out the letters,and Em and Lukas for arranging and Janet for picking up the ribbon to tie it all together. The banner is made from 5-lb coffee bags generously collected and donated for Art from a local coffee shop. Because they’re foil and plastic fused together,they can’t (yet) be recycled.

SkeletonI started seeing these milk jug skeletons several months ago when I was working on PETE the PolyEthylene Bird.  The second milk jug skeleton will be easier,but this guy has gotten thumbs up from my neighbours. When the wind blows,he’s particularly charming,I think.

Hoping my neighbours are giving out treats for Hallowe’en as I’ll beat the Cemetery for All Soul’s and I do think it’s a little misleading to decorate and then not be home to answer the call of “Trick or Treat”.

Hmmn. Maybe I could put a pillow case out by the skeleton to invite donations of treats!



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I Close My Eyes – Chalk message

ICloseMyEyesOut walking with my friend Nancy last night and saw there were new messages at the Mary-Go-RoundAbout garden.

Nancy added Y.IM.B.Y. – YES! In My Back Yard.

I also introduced Nancy,another artist,to the installation on Stephens between 5th and 6th where there’s a notice saying the animals are all hibernating for the winter but will return in the spring.  In the meantime, they’ve decorated for Hallowe’en- BIG TIME!

Then we walked through Tatlow Park – a little park I’m very familiar with but have never walked through that late at night with no lights. At the end of our walk, I said to Nancy: “It was very dark and I was a little bit scared. What about you?”

She: Yeah,but I figured you knew the way.

Fond memories of long ago visiting with my kids and more recently the LocoMoto Art installations. Hmmn,must take the grandkids there next time they’re over.

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