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Neighbourhood Faves

Trafifth Tips January 2014

These are the places in my neighbourhood…


Fifth Avenue Cinema

Although Cineplex bought it out, it continues to show movies I like. But no longer do you get the slide show from Emily Carr students.

Saw “Her” last night and “Philomena” a few weeks ago. Big thumbs way up.

Of course, we all miss the Hollywood and the Ridge. R.I.P.


Do you know that the Vancouver Maritime Museum is free after 5pm on Thursday evenings?

Unfortunately the St. Roch is closed right now, but it’s a good time to check out the rest of the place without feeling disappointed at not getting to go on the ship—the big draw. And if you go at some other time, know that they’re giving discounted admission. Not to mention WaterWorks art exhibit which I have a piece in from painting on the SS Master Tug Boat last summer. There till February 20.


Had brunch at Neverland Tea Salon, the other day. How lovely to combine the sweet tea salon decor and a wide variety of menu items. I wasn’t feeling like tea and scones, and had the butternut squash soup and grilled veggie sandwich with salad.

Why haven’t I been back to Connie’s Cook House for far too long? We had the deep fried cod in black bean sauce and vegetarian mui sui. Oh, my. The server got a vehement response when she thought we were done and tried to take away before we were 100% done. Two dishes plus one bowl of rice was more than sufficient for the two of us—and we did wind up leaving a bit of the onion and green pepper after sharing the last piece of cod.

The website advertises: 10% discount on pick-up orders; hot and fast free delivery within 5 km and minimum $20 order.

While we were there, a couple came in with their own reusable containers which were filled without any fuss whatsoever, so that’s cool. (They’re not in the neighbourhood, but I really like Jen and Grant of The Clean Bin Project. Jen presented at one of the Bird on the Beach workshops last fall at Vancouver Maritime Museum. The movie has made a big impact on me.)


I got a great coat for 25% off the already low Sally Ann Price last week. I’ll post a photo. But admittedly you have to do a lot of shopping to get something you love. You can’t go wrong, though, because at the very least it’s a contribution to a good cause.

Most of my shoes come from Broadway Shoes on Broadway just West of Macdonald. Many years ago I bought my first genuine Birkenstocks there. (OK, so you’ve typecast me now.) I saw some out front at a price I couldn’t refuse, but the very sincere owner managed to sell me a full price pair which actually fit well. I would normally be suspicious of this strategy, but he seemed to be so clearly concerned about my health and well-being I did it, and never looked back. I drop in regularly—often can find something on sale that fits my short wide feet and still look somewhat stylish.


I usually go to Apple Market on Broadway (their prices seem much lower than 4th, and it’s at least as close to Trafifth). But I’ve been going more often to Persian Foods for some of their speciality foods. 10% off everything on Wednesdays at Apple Market.


Well, there are so many coffee shops it’s so nice to have a “local”. Mine is the Wired Monk at Trafourth (Trafalgar and 4th), where it only takes a couple of times for even a brand-new employee to recognize me and start my tall Americano as soon as I walk in. My four-person writing group meets there for two hours once a week, and there are lots of other groups that meet there regularly: including young moms with kids in strollers. A nice neighbourhood feel on Saturdays night with music.


I’m not much of a tea-lover, but I’ve enjoyed David’s Tea and O5. Both on 4th. I like this trend of more tea salons.


So glad to have David Hunter back in the ‘hood and even closer to Trafifth


It’s not the largest or best hardware store in the wider area, but Gandy’s Home Hardware is nearby, has key-cutting and extremely nice and knowledgeable staff.




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