July in the Tra-Sixth Garden

chocolate-mint.jpgThere are herbs to be picked. For some things, picking is a great favour to me because many plants like a regular haircut to keep at their best.

Among the herbs you could take LOTS of, are:

lemonbalm and chocolate mint – I’ve been throwing some of this way–in to the compost!)

lavender – it’s beautiful right now – but needs some cutting back. Take up to 1/8th of it, by cutting stems back by about 12″ – i.e. please don’t just cut the flowers off.

sage – cut back about 4’6″ pieces. I want it pruned to get bushier.

marjoram and oregano – on the Westside – marjoram is lighter in colour; oregano darker.

Dig up a 4″ piece to plant yourself. Take from close to the concrete circle part.

Enjoy, please



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