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I’ve got mail!

I bought a little mailbox at the Brock House annual bazaar and put a pad of postit notes and a pencil in it. so far I have notes:

xoxox love sydney (in a child’s printing)

Thanks for the chives – Joan West 1st

This garden gives me a smile.

and then at the opposite end of the positivity spectrum.

This garden would be a lot better if it was only plants — no plastic signs, lights, ornaments.


In the past month I’ve introduced at least half a dozen people to the marvels of chocolate mint.

and a neighbour with a hose much closer (but not quite there) has offered his water source. It’s been hot and dry so that’s allowed me to give the garden a good watering.

Now we’re heading into fall I can probably count on natural rainfall from here till next spring.

The mints, oregano and marjoram will die down for the winter soon- so do stop by and harvest some for drying.



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