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Carex Ice Dance – free to you!

We have this great carex ice dance perennial grass. Actually I just learned it’s technically a sedge, not a grass.

It’s so wonderful and hardy it spreads and we have some to share. Great for edging, for replacing lawn. Heck! it’s good for replacing weeds – which we might do along the laneway.

We have dug up 4 fairly large clumps and they’re yours for the taking. ┬áPick up at “trasixth” – my traffic circle garden at 6th & Trafalgar – or send me a note to and we can arrange to meet up so you can dig some up yourself.

I’ve planted some small ones outside of the Wired Monk at 4th & Trafalgar. The grass there is at best iffy and I hope to extend the plot when I have time and energy. There will always be enough carex ice dance to share.

It’s recommended on the City of Vancouver website for traffic circles and corner bulges, so you know it’s hardy.

More about ornamental grasses and sedges here:

They do say, however, that you’ll love it or hate it!

I find people love it when they’re trying to get a garden going and then hate it when they have time and money to have a more varied display – but then you can just dig it up and give away to someone who’s getting rid of their lawn (always a good thing, in my humble opinion.)


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