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Two tomato plants have taken up residence in my traffic circle garden

Two tomato plants have taken up residence in my traffic circle garden at Trafalgar and 6th. I did a cleanup on the weekend, pulling out weeds and some plants that were taking up more than their allotted space. The new clean look seems to have attracted some visitors. On the way to Kits House last night, I noticed there are two pots with tomato plants that have been placed in the garden.

I plan to leave a note on the plants to let the gardener know that as this is a “free for all” garden, they are welcome to leave the plants there if the intention is that the tomatoes will be shared by the neighbourhood. If they’re just trying to give their plants a good start in a very sunny location and move them home before harvest time, that’s not cool, however.

One year someone planted a corn plant. Officially the maximum height is 24″ so after leaving a warning note on the corn for two weeks, I dug it up and composted it.

I hope the tomato gardener waters some of the herbs as well as their plants.


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May Herb of the Month: curry plant

At my Jane’s Walk yesterday, we decided to make the curry plant “Herb of the Month”. Here’s some info about it. Pinch a bit and sniff at 6th & Trafalgar traffic circle free herb garden.

From: The Herb Gardener: How to Grow Curry Plant

There are a lot of uses for curry plant: Chopped fine it compliments mild dishes and ingredients like eggs, yogurt, mild cheeses and even fish. It enhances vinegar blends and makes a nice garnish, too.

Looks like lavender, but sniff and you’ll smell the difference.


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