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Free strawberry plants – again. There are some strawberry plants at 5th and Tralfagar – please take.

Ah, yes, spring is around the corner and that means that I’m yet again digging up strawberry plants to give away. What kind? you ask. Sorry dunno. generic strawberries. I’ll say this: the crows love them.

They’re to be planted outdoors (at least on a balcony) not an indoor plant (someone asked me that.)

They need watering. If we have the kind of drought summer we had, you’ll need to look after them.

And they multiply through runners. Little baby strawberry plants will emerge from an umbilical cord and at some point you’ll have enough strawberry plants to give away too.

When the ones at 5th and Trafalgar are gone, I’ll dig some more up, so do take as many as you like and come back for more.

Take a Plant; Leave a Plant – taking an idea from Little Free Libraries, I’ll be putting up a sign saying: Take a plant; leave a plant.  You can just take and not leave. And you can just leave and not take. All is optional.

Growing season is here, let’s plant something.

Here’s a Brian Minter post about strawberries.

Here’s what Brian says: March is a great time to begin planting, so find a spot in your garden and enjoy  some wonderful flavour this year and for years to come.



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