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Highest Density of Little Free Libraries?

At the Merry-go-Round-about Garden today a new friend Kinga introduced herself and said she’d just put in

  1. a new little free library on 6th just west of the garden.
  2. AND the other night I noticed there’s a new “official” LFL on 6th just east of the garden.
  3. Ours is at 5th & Trafalgar.
  4. Joanne and Charlie’s on 5th two blocks west of Macdonald
  5. Mel and Barb’s near Tatlow Park
  6. 2nd and Trafalgar with the cute bench and prayer flags.
  7. The one at Arbutus Coffee
  8. Kits House has two very large bookshelves, so full they’re not accepting any books for a while.
  9. and an outdoor one especially for kids
  10. MLA David Eby’s office at 2909 West Broadway–ditto! come and take books!

I’ll bet there are another 2 within walking distance of trafifth. If you know of one, send me a note to and I’ll add to the list!

Here’s the facebook page I set up so people could post about their libraries.



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Garlic (“Chinese”) Chives is hereby announced as “herb of the month”

I’m not very disciplined about posting an herb of the month but after Charlett remarked on the remarkable white blossoms on my patch of garlic chives, I thought I should give them the spotlight for September.

Here’s more information about them from wikipedia.

Once again after arranging to meet Sarah Tea Lady in the garden, two other neighbours came by for a nice chat.

Sarah loved the fennel seeds and will be harvesting a lot of the pineapple mint for her tea party at Kits House this Sunday.


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Mathom Exchange

Did you know that Bilbo Baggins’ birthday is coming? September 21!

It’s a Hobbit tradition to give away “mathoms” on your own birthday so I’m planning some “mathom mashup” parties. Bring what you no longer need and take what you like – maybe return next year!

In Kits if you just put something out with the label “FREE” your mathom will be gone in short order. So if you can’t find a mathom party, just try that!

I’ve also recently discovered – started by Nic who lives in Vancouver’s West Side – designed to help us share more.  I’ve posted some of my mathoms there.


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