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It’s Neighbour Season

As (some of) the days are nicer and we’re out gardening and walking, there’s a dramatic increase in neighbour-to-neighbour connections.

I’m surprised at the number of people I’m seeing that I feel I haven’t seen since fall struck. Could it just be that we all have our heads down, with rain hoods and umbrellas shielding our eyes and just getting home after errands asap.

Anyhow after a couple of days puttering at the co-op and also at my traffic circle garden, I’ve been seeing a lot of familiar faces. i’ve met two new neighbours from old neighbours and started to say: Hello! Block Party!

I’ve dug out some of the compost and started a new little (tiny) veggie patch for (old) seeds of radishes and lettuce–let’s see if they sproout.

The grape hyacinths have of course done very well, but I prefer things I can eat. (Do you need some grape hyacinths? Just dig a patch up–they’re yours).

Gardener chat after a long winter includes: How did your rosemary fare? I lost all 3 plants in the roundabout – and also the one in a pot a neighbour gave me. Now perhaps she was disappointed I hadn’t planted it so took it back, or someone thought it was up for grabs, as I sometimes pot up things that have spread. Anyhow–gone! gone! gone!

I think the huge, old (6′ plus) rosemary near the building on a south facing wall died too. R.I.P. very sad.

At least one lavender, sage and the bay tree are all in good form. And the flowering currant, fiebeis, is absolutely lovely.

So, we’ll see what happens next with some of the scruffies: curry plant, tall lavender, etc.

Presumably the mints will return as per usual.

See you round the ‘hood.


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