Hi, I live on the corner of Trafalgar Street & Fifth avenue in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This blog shares my view from the corner and the micro-neighbourhood within a few blocks of me.

I’m in a housing co-op and I love it when we broaden our community to include our neighbours in block parties, yard sales – and perhaps even more events in the future.

So I’ve set up this blog to help us build our community and connect more often. I’ve recently put some energy into connecting other housing co-op members in our area.

I’m in the building that’s now painted green, after our movie shoot in March, 2009. The movie shoot also left the legacy of window boxes and plants. It also initiated my thinking about moving across the hall, and I’m happy I did. The thing I like most is the location – right on the corner. I’m sitting on my bed looking east as the day brightens as I write this. And my window boxes are blooming with pansies, daffodils and grape hyacinths.

Our front door was also featured in Brent Butt’s Hiccups.

I thought about getting a gargoyle, as I like hearing and seeing what’s going on in the co-op from my vantage point, but then decided *I* am the gargoyle. I get to hear the workers on the renovations, the dog-walkers’ caucus and passersby asking about things or admiring our sign proclaiming us as the Most Beautiful Block in Vancouver.


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    Ann H. McCarthy, 604-787-6677 said,

    A friend has just advised me that he and his family have moved into one of your apartments. I am female, 66 year old, on a pension, and has a cat. I live in 480 sq ft $970 per month. I have been told my rent will increase and I cannot afford it. Do you have any apartments available? How do I get on the waiting list? Many thanks for your help.

    • 2

      Mary Bennett said,

      Hi, Ann, Your friend could check it out, but I don’t think we’re accepting people onto the waiting list at this point. We’re a small co-op and we’ve had 2 moves this year, but that’s unusual. Often two years go by with no vacancies. You’d be best checking out CHF BC. Best of luck.

  2. 3

    I’ve lived in the neighbourhood for 10 yrs and today learned that your beautiful buildings on the corner are actually a co-op! Very good news since I’ve been applying to co-ops recently. I hope you won’t mind if I slip an application under the door on the rare chance something come up over the years.

  3. 4

    Annie said,


    My husband and I live in Kitsilano right now. We can’t afford where we live anymore. I have just retired and he is a Locksmith. We have walked by the Trafalgar Housing many times. It would be a dream come true to be albe to live there. I enjoy gardening and my husband is an all – trades type and could help with security issues, etc.

  4. 8

    Patti said,

    Even though these are two bedroom places, can one person apply to live there?
    P. Allan

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