Some of Bill’s favorite words

Some of Bill’s favorite words


Never give up…

This reading was framed with a picture of the Dalai Lama at the entrance to the room where Bill had set up a meditation altar.

No matter what is going on

Never give up

Develop the heart

Too much energy in your country

Is spent developing the mind

Instead of the heart

Be compassionate

Not just to your friends

But to everyone

Be compassionate

Work for peace

In your heart and in the world

Work for peace

Never give up

No matter what is happening

No matter what is going on around you

Never give up

HH The XIV Dalai Lama

The most enduring “religious” influence on Bill was Jungian psychology. We shared this interest, although it took different forms, consistent with our personalities: He read Jung in the original; I liked to hear the “executive summary”.  When we first met, he pressed upon me this book – the story of Jung’s life in his own words as recorded and edited by Aniela Jaffe. I think this piece from the Prologue would reflect Bill’s thoughts on life. – Mary

From Prologue, Memories, Dreams and Reflections; autobiography of C.G. Jung

We are a psychic process which we do not control, or only partly direct. Consequently, we cannot have any final judgment about ourselves or our lives. If we had, we would know everything—but at most that is only a pretense.  At bottom we never know how it has all come about. The story of a life begins somewhere, at some particular point we happen to remember; and even then it was already highly complex. We do not know how life is going to turn out. Therefore the story has no beginning, and the end can only be vaguely hinted at.


Life has always seemed to me like a plant that lives on its rhizome. Its true life is invisible, hidden in the rhizome. The part that appears above ground lasts only a single summer. Then it withers away – an ephemeral apparition. ..  What we see is the blossom, which passes. The rhizome remains.

Other pearls

We found Banyen book marks all over the apartment – pinned to the wall; inside books; drawers, etc.

I will write up some of the quotations on the ones we found and post them here.


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