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Mathom Exchange

Did you know that Bilbo Baggins’ birthday is coming? September 21!

It’s a Hobbit tradition to give away “mathoms” on your own birthday so I’m planning some “mathom mashup” parties. Bring what you no longer need and take what you like – maybe return next year!

In Kits if you just put something out with the label “FREE” your mathom will be gone in short order. So if you can’t find a mathom party, just try that!

I’ve also recently discovered – started by Nic who lives in Vancouver’s West Side – designed to help us share more.  I’ve posted some of my mathoms there.



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Freecycle Gardening

It was a very good and Gardening day.

Not only did a give away a whole bunch of raspberries, irises, carex ice dance, lambs ears, lemon balm and chocolate mint to extremely appreciative people – one actually brought me a big jar of home-canned pickles. Oh, yum.

While at the traffic circle garden two women came by as we were digging around and said they’d clipped some rosemary and sage and thanked me for doing it.

Lovely to live somewhere that we can garden in mid November (albeit a little damp) and where (in Kitsilano) there’s such a community feel to the place.


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Thanksgiving in the Village – vegan and traditional turkey potlucks in Kits

There are two thanksgiving potlucks in the ‘hood. (Well there are probably dozens, but two that I’m going to!)

A Vegan potluck on Sunday and a Village Vancouver Kits village dinner with turkey and tofurky on Monday.

Let the giving of thanks – and the feasting – begin!

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Block Party + Rain???!!!

Hello all Tra-fifth Folk! Jane, Sean and I are going ahead with the “block party” but it will be inside – send me a note to or call 604-617-0142 for more info.

Hope to see you. I’m making a gigantic veggie chili – so there’ll be lots to eat!

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Bird Art

We’re going to make a bird for International Bird Art Installation Day – maybe lots of birds.

It seems a crow might be the most obvious for our ‘hood. What do you think?

We’ll use morning glory, ivy, and any other twigs and branches – bring some along on Sat. Sept 22.

Some other items that might be useful include: chicken wire, wire snips, recycled plastic, feathers (esp crow feathers!)

Maybe we’ll do some origami bird (crane) making too. Janet, what do you think?

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Fall Block Party

My friends Jane and Sean and I are cooking up a block party in the ‘hood.

Stay tuned for details.

We’re looking at Sat. Sept 22 from 4-8pm – near Trafifth – to be confirmed as we need to get 50% signatures of residents to block off the street.

4pm on – Creating a Bird out of ivy and morning glory etc. to hang for International Bird Art Installation Day – October 7

Skills sharing – bring cards, brochures, posters or just handwrite a note – we’d like to get to know who’s in the ‘hood and if you have a skill to share for free, barter or $$, let us know. Jane’s a baker; I’m an artist.. what about you?

Art show – bring a visual art piece to share your art with others. or items for sale if you wish.


Do you have patio; plastic furniture you can bring out?

Food for potluck – dinner starts @ 5:30pm

Music – are you (or have you ever been or wanna be) a musician? We’d love to have live music.

Contact any of us:

Mary 604-617-0142 (meet me at

Jane Williams – Jane and I are both involved with

Sean Kirkham lives on 5th between Trafalgar and Larch.

It will be open to people within a block or two of Trafalgar & 5th – and their friends.

RSVP appreciated – with what you can contribute.

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Nodding onion to share

Nodding onion – great photos and lots of facts.

Says: Yes! they’re beautiful and yummy, too. Great combo.

And I happen to know they are hardy and spread easily.

Want a bulb or two for planting? Just let me know.

Do bees like nodding onions? probably since they like chives – but the colours are more subtle.

If you catch a bee on a nodding onion, I’d love to have a photo.

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