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Herb Garden Pop up session #1

Charlett and I are getting together tomorrow (Tuesday, May 8th) between 9:30-10:30 at the “Merry-go-Roundabout” herb garden at 6th & Trafalgar.

Come by if you can! Pick the mustard greens – lots!

Here are some recipes for mustard greens, but you can just throw some into a salad or any stir-fry.

pretty much any recipe that calls for kale or spinach could use mustard greens.

If you try to make gomae from it, I’d love to hear how that works. Some of the blogs I googled recommended dark sesame oil.

Learn what’s in the garden–and free for the picking any time. Smell and taste the difference between various mints (lemon balm, chocolate mint and pineapple mint).

See the lavender and sage begin to bloom – and possibly already attracting bees.

Bring a pot if you’d like to dig up a bit of something or other. A lot of things regularly spread.

There are bulbs of grape hyacinth and snowdrops ready to be transplanted.



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April Showers and Thunder Storms

I like the bits of spring we’ve been having and wish for more!

It’s Neighbourhood Small Grant season and I’m applying for a grant to support revitalization of the herb garden at 6th & Trafalgar. Lost the rosemary last winter and basically got interested in lots of other things so haven’t paid as much attention to it as I’d like to, so… here we go.

Stay tuned for events, free herbs, and a workshop with experts from Gaia Garden.

Let’s make Garlic Chives #herbofthemonth. I see they’re coming up.

or allium tuberosum as I like to call it.

Do snip some for your salads or whatever. It’s very hardy. I’m not afraid of inviting you to snip as much as you like.


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Chocolate Mint

The chocolate mint in the metal container is doing so marvellously well, I’d really like it if you–yes, you!–would come by and cut/pinch some for your tea or a garnish on ice cream or such.

It will spread more if you do this. And it looks so entirely happy I plan to devote the entire container to just chocolate mint over time as it spreads. (maybe with a few spring bulbs mixed in for early spring colour.)

Here’s a link for some ideas.

Would you like your own plant of chocolate mint? No problem. All you do is: (from link above)

Regrow from cuttings
With mint, you definitely get your money’s worth. Chocolate mint will grow from cuttings from your original plant. Just snip off a stem and set the cutting in a pot of soil to regrow. (These regrown chocolate mint plans make sweet gifts.)


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Garlic (“Chinese”) Chives is hereby announced as “herb of the month”

I’m not very disciplined about posting an herb of the month but after Charlett remarked on the remarkable white blossoms on my patch of garlic chives, I thought I should give them the spotlight for September.

Here’s more information about them from wikipedia.

Once again after arranging to meet Sarah Tea Lady in the garden, two other neighbours came by for a nice chat.

Sarah loved the fennel seeds and will be harvesting a lot of the pineapple mint for her tea party at Kits House this Sunday.


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May Herb of the Month: curry plant

At my Jane’s Walk yesterday, we decided to make the curry plant “Herb of the Month”. Here’s some info about it. Pinch a bit and sniff at 6th & Trafalgar traffic circle free herb garden.

From: The Herb Gardener: How to Grow Curry Plant

There are a lot of uses for curry plant: Chopped fine it compliments mild dishes and ingredients like eggs, yogurt, mild cheeses and even fish. It enhances vinegar blends and makes a nice garnish, too.

Looks like lavender, but sniff and you’ll smell the difference.


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