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Google Map view of my home

Here’s a link to a recent googlemap of the building I live in. Also noted as being the “home” of Brent Butt’s character in Hiccups.

And another link.

We’re going to get the trim painted. Stay tuned for the colour choices!


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Trafalgar – Battle, Square, Sculpture

OK, so here’s a little quiz: Trafalgar, as in the Battle of, is a


Battle of Trafalgar by Turner

a. cape

b. island

c. country

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I can see clearly now..

I just saw Park Board employees out in a giant truck and pruning chain saw. The three trees on the other side of Trafalgar are getting a giant pruning job even as we speak, to let the light come in.

Thanks, I believe, to 2 members of our co-op for phoning the City about this. I won’t name them, incase you don’t love the pruning job and want to complain. Me, I think they’re proactive and I like that.  Less talk more walk.

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What’s a housing coop?

We’re a federal coop (section 95 or section 56.1 – same thing – different names). through CMHC. We’re a non-profit coop:

Here’s a note from the cmhc website:

There are two main types of housing co-ops: non-profit and for-profit. While this guide does not look at the differences between the two, many provinces require that housing co-ops operate on a non-profit basis. If the co-op is non-profit, members cannot sell their shares in the co-op. In for-profit housing co-operatives, members own a share of the co-op, but not the individual unit they live in.

If you’re really curious, you can download a 48-page guide from the website.

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Renovations to end September 30

People are asking WHEN are the renovations going to be finished? The answer is: the end of September.

They also ask WHY are we renovating – well briefly the building might have fallen apart due to rot in the wood, so we had to take all the stucco off and then discovered we had to take the stairs off (wow, that was noisy).

In case you’re really curious, we’ll be painting the co-op red (seriously) at the end of this adventure – well, we’ll be painting the east side red and the rest will remain orange. until we have the money to continue renovations on the other 3 sides.

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