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Highest Density of Little Free Libraries?

At the Merry-go-Round-about Garden today a new friend Kinga introduced herself and said she’d just put in

  1. a new little free library on 6th just west of the garden.
  2. AND the other night I noticed there’s a new “official” LFL on 6th just east of the garden.
  3. Ours is at 5th & Trafalgar.
  4. Joanne and Charlie’s on 5th two blocks west of Macdonald
  5. Mel and Barb’s near Tatlow Park
  6. 2nd and Trafalgar with the cute bench and prayer flags.
  7. The one at Arbutus Coffee
  8. Kits House has two very large bookshelves, so full they’re not accepting any books for a while.
  9. and an outdoor one especially for kids
  10. MLA David Eby’s office at 2909 West Broadway–ditto! come and take books!

I’ll bet there are another 2 within walking distance of trafifth. If you know of one, send me a note to and I’ll add to the list!

Here’s the facebook page I set up so people could post about their libraries.



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Mathom Exchange

Did you know that Bilbo Baggins’ birthday is coming? September 21!

It’s a Hobbit tradition to give away “mathoms” on your own birthday so I’m planning some “mathom mashup” parties. Bring what you no longer need and take what you like – maybe return next year!

In Kits if you just put something out with the label “FREE” your mathom will be gone in short order. So if you can’t find a mathom party, just try that!

I’ve also recently discovered – started by Nic who lives in Vancouver’s West Side – designed to help us share more.  I’ve posted some of my mathoms there.


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Poetry to a Poet

Happy Poetry month to all poets and readers of poetry! I encourage you to write poetry on my traffic circle at Trafalgar and 6th.

Rosemary's Blog

National Poetry Month. 18

Dogwood tree Dogwood tree

“Poetry, to a poet, is the most rewarding work in the world.  A good poem is a contribution to reality.  The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it.  A good poem helps to change the shape and significance of the universe, helps to extend everyone’s knowledge of himself and the world around him.”
— Dylan Thomas, “On Poetry,” from Quite Early One Morning

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Happy Hallowe’en – Upcycled Decorations

HappyHalloweenBannerThanks to Jane and Cynthia for cutting out the letters,and Em and Lukas for arranging and Janet for picking up the ribbon to tie it all together. The banner is made from 5-lb coffee bags generously collected and donated for Art from a local coffee shop. Because they’re foil and plastic fused together,they can’t (yet) be recycled.

SkeletonI started seeing these milk jug skeletons several months ago when I was working on PETE the PolyEthylene Bird.  The second milk jug skeleton will be easier,but this guy has gotten thumbs up from my neighbours. When the wind blows,he’s particularly charming,I think.

Hoping my neighbours are giving out treats for Hallowe’en as I’ll beat the Cemetery for All Soul’s and I do think it’s a little misleading to decorate and then not be home to answer the call of “Trick or Treat”.

Hmmn. Maybe I could put a pillow case out by the skeleton to invite donations of treats!



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Bird Art

We’re going to make a bird for International Bird Art Installation Day – maybe lots of birds.

It seems a crow might be the most obvious for our ‘hood. What do you think?

We’ll use morning glory, ivy, and any other twigs and branches – bring some along on Sat. Sept 22.

Some other items that might be useful include: chicken wire, wire snips, recycled plastic, feathers (esp crow feathers!)

Maybe we’ll do some origami bird (crane) making too. Janet, what do you think?

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Bee Walk

The bee walk was great. People were *so* interested in bees – and I actually knew more than most people there. Together we pooled our knowledge and wound up knowing a fair bit.

Great to see Chloe sitting in her roundabout.

Join my facebook group to connect people in Kits who care about bees.

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Eradicating Ecocide

For Earth Day a group gave out 600-plus origami cranes with information about the Eradicating Eco-cide campaign. Click below to get the pattern and print your own.  The crane got its final design by Adam Cristobal.


April 21, 2012: A 5th Avenue neighbour had me folding origami cranes with an important message on them. Her goal was 1000 for Earth Day. They fell short of that goal, I think by a couple of hundred, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s now a lot more knowledgeable about why she wanted us all to fold and hand out cranes.

Here’s a great video with Polly Higgins who wrote the book Eradicating Eco-cide.

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