Free Plants

KitsEcoArtsSept2013 (4)At my traffic circle garden at 6th & Trafalgar there are some plants that just keep spreading.

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So as well as picking a few leaves of this and that for fragrance or cooking, occasionally I offer you the opportunity to actually DIG UP some of the herbs and take home to enjoy!

Here’s what’s available for you to take.

Lemon Balm – dig up as much as you want.

Chocolate Mint – As I write this in late April, it isn’t up much. It has a slight brownish edge to it is how you can tell it from other mints. That and crush a leaf or two and it smells like chocolate and mint.

Later in the season I may have to throw some away–into the compost!

Marjoram and oregano – on the Westside – marjoram is lighter in colour; oregano darker.

Dig up a 4″ piece to plant yourself. Take from the inside part, I’m liking having it as a border. I’d be happy with 3″ or less close to the concrete, so don’t hold back.

Lamb’s ears – aren’t really an herb, but they like hot dry conditions so are often planted in herb gardens.

Wherever there’s a piece that’s more than 12″ in diameter, take half of that plant.

Other stuff. I sometimes put plants on the utility covers or in the basket. If you see something there please take it.

Pick a little, but don’t dig up, please:

Lavender – it’s beautiful right now – but needs some cutting back. Take up to 1/8th of it, by cutting stems back by about 12″ – i.e. please don’t just cut the flowers off.

Sage – cut back about 4’6″ pieces. I want it pruned to get bushier.

Sharing – It’s not necessary to leave something but if you have plenty and feel inspired, it’s nice to have some annuals like parsley, cilantro, basil etc.

POTS If there are empty pots there, you’re welcome to take them. If you have extra or feel like returning them, great, but not essential.



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