I do a lot of the gardening at the Fifth Avenue building of the Trafalgar co-op. I love to give away plants that spread (most good for sunny, dry areas) and talk with people about the garden and worm composting too.

My current enthusiasm is my Traffic Circle Garden (Merry/Mary – Go – Roundabout) at 6th and Trafalgar (trasixth) where I’ve planted herbs (and will put in more) and signs asking people to PLEASE PICK. click here to see some photos.

Click “Gardening” in the list of topics ot the right and you’ll see my posts. If you’re in the neighbourhood (or not, for that matter), I’d love to see any replies you may  may have.

This year, I’m threatening to plant edibles all over the co-op and have begun by extending the veggie garden on the south side and have lettuce, chard, parsley, radish and basil seedlings sprouting. I’ve been harvesting the radicchio that overwintered.


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