I’ve lived at the corner of Trafalgar and Fifth for over 20 years (who knew time would fly?) and I’ve lived in 3 different apartments – all in the Fifth Avenue building of the Trafalgar Housing Co-op.

I’m a native Vancouverite, leaving for three years in my early 20’s. I returned with a husband and baby and haven’t left since.

I tell people I have rain water in my veins. I think it’s one of the few cities in the world where you can be seen as interesting by being native. People say, “You’re from here!? I hardly ever meet people who were born in Vancouver.” There must be more of us around. Do those other natives just not go out and meet people?

I like gardening (a tiny bit obsessive).  I had a war going with Spanish bluebells. They’re pretty much eradicated, so watch out lamium and daphne. You’re in my sights!

Currently I’m exploring how to produce more food from our tiny strip of land. Had a good crop of raspberries this year and the kale is still producing enough for addition to soups, stir fries and (yes!) smoothies.
I make art – and I like making art as a community builder.
I worked for five years for the Community Arts Council of Vancouver and do some coaching/consulting around arts administration.
There’s more than you’d ever want to know about me at my website.

Contact me through trafalgarmary at gmail dot com


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  1. 1

    Hi Mary,

    (Thank god, I’ve found your website!… I had no way of getting hold of you.)

    Just wanted to say “thank-you so much” for being an awesome patronage for the last six years at the Cornerstone Coffee… and for the champagne treat for our staff party.

    You definitely surprised us and touched our hearts : )

    I believe that the good karma circles around and you will be blessed!

    It hasn’t hit me yet that I won’t see you any more, you will stay in my memory for a long time.

    Cheers for Merry Christmas,

  2. 2

    Susan Froese said,

    You live in such a beautiful building! And do you do your gardening in the back? I’m a country girl stuck in the city, but your part of Kits seems like a small old town. I’d love to get into your coop!

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