Still time to collect milk jugs from the recycle bins before Hallowe’en

Oh, my! I’ve been finding so many videos and images for using milk jugs for Hallowe’en. I made a skeleton three years ago and am doing a workshop to show others on Tuesday October 25. As we only have an hour and a half, I’ve been looking around for how to just do a skull and have found all sorts of ideas.

Here are some videos and images you might enjoy too.

This one involves a plaster skull and a heat gun.

Here’s a very easy approach.



Simpler still…

I love this one I found on Pinterest, but haven’t been able to find the youtube video the pinner says is out there.

Gallon Jug Sugar Skull Craft. Dia de los Muertos. We used sharpies for the decoration. There is a tutorial for the skull on YouTube - (Upcycled, DIY, Homemade, Reused, Recycled, Plastic, Milk Jug, Water Jug):


Milk Jug Ghosts

If you search for “dia de los muertos milk jug sugar skull” you’ll find lots more ideas. Good luck with it!



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